Игорь Ильич

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Book Философские вопросы гендеристики (гендерологии) : монография

 философские аспекты гендерной проблематики



Article Когорта детей в структуре гендерной реальности

The structure of gender reality includes three age cohorts: children, grown-ups and elderly persons. The peculiarities of each age are revealed though the relationship with main cohorts. They are characterized by age brotherhood. The personality of today's young men is formed on the basis of interaction of family, community of coevals and mass media.


Article Образы мужчин и женщин в анекдоте

The gender consciousness of Russian people is of a rather complicated nature. The traditional patriarchal stereotypes are combined here with the new tendencies. It finds a peculiar reflection in a joke. Computerization gives birth to the new images of men and women, breaking, and often even changing completely the old stereotypes. The men - founders and pioneers of the virtual space. The image of a woman carried away by the computer is in the process of formation and experiences constant changes. Computer jokes are deprived of marked features of a social role.

 Мужчины и маскулинность


Article О проблемах любви в гендерном формате

Love and hatred are seen as the dialectical sides of the main contradiction in the gender vision of the world. Love and hatred are defined as the process of creating and that of destroying the wholeness of being.