Владимир Николаевич



Article Феминистски-социалистическая критическая теория позднего капитализма н.фрэйзер

The subject of the article is analysis of the feminist-socialist critical theory advanced by N.Fraser, a noted representative of (post-)feminism and of modern American political philosophy. According to the author's appraisal, the said theory is a conception consistently built up and describing - on the basis of an original interpretation of the key problems of moral philosophy, social theory and political praxiology - the content of the radical democratic project under a post-socialist condition. While considering the very regime of critique, found by Fraser, utterly well-founded, the author at the same time points to evidently weak sides of the perspective dualism model constructed by the researcher. Having stated that the economic and the cultural are conceptually irreducible, Fraser then confines herself to demonstrating the economic component of the nominally cultural (and vice versa) as applied to concrete incidences, and, as a result, her perspective dualism in reality turns out to be but a mechanical supplement to cultural analysis of political economy interpreted in an old-fashioned manner.