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Article Женский вопрос в литературно-общественной мысли азербайджана в начале XX века (ю.в. Чеменземенли)

The end of the XIX-early XX century is considered as the decisive period of the Azerbaijan people's struggle for independence. This period had endowed the Azerbaijan people a generation of professional public - political and revolutionary - enlightener democrats A. Topchubashov, M. Jafarov, X. Xasmammadov, ?. Ziyadkhanov, F. Xoyski, A. Agayev, M. Rasulzadeh, N. Narimanov, T. Nagiyev, A. Kaz?mzadeh, J. Mammadquluzadeh, M.A. Sabir, O.F. Nemanzadeh, Y.V. Chamanzaminli, U. Hajibayov were of such figures. At the same time with other social problems they considered the object of struggle for women freedom as one of the urgent issues. One of the global problems of the time - ill treatment and bad attitude to women was widely reflected in the representative of the critical realism Y.V. Chamanzaminli's creativity. Theses connected with personality, education and right of women in Yusif Vazir's works served as the fundamental turn in the regulation of the legal relations between men and women.