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Article Формирование профессионально значимых компонентов я-концепции личности будущих специалистов по физической культуре и спорту (гендерный аспект)

FORMATION OF VOCATIONALLY IMPORTANT COMPONENTS OF PERSONAL SELF-CONCEPT OF FUTURE EXPERTS IN PHYSICAL CULTURE AND SPORT (GENDER ASPECT) M.V. Ivanova, associate professor, Ph.D. Branch of Russian state university of physical culture, sport and tourism, Irkutsk Key words: gender, vocationally important features, self-concept, socialization, psychological gender, identity, masculinity, feminity, androgynity. The researchers made an attempt of research aimed at studying the influence of selection of sports profession on formation of human gender identity. The adduced results of the correlation analysis testify to the fact that the trend to androgynity is associated with some decrease of legerity of thinking, difficulties in transfer from one type of activity to another, dependence from other people's viewpoint and social assessment of personal activity. The indicated features as a whole are characteristic for people who have dedicated their life to sport. At the same time, the higher the level of manifestation of masculine and simultaneously feminine features in sport university students, the more expressed in them is craving for activity, need for physical and mental tension, high efficiency and tempo of behavior, sensitivity to difference of planned action and real result, vulnerability to failures. The requirements made to formation of personality in sport, the necessity to appreciate time and distribute efforts, evaluate complicacy of forthcoming competitions and quality of personal preparedness render substantial impact on formation of vocationally important components of the self-concept, including gender aspects.