Андрей Александрович



Article Оценка уровня полоролевой социализации студентов факультета физической культуры на основе самоанализа их гендерных предпочтений

Genderregulation of human vocational activity is one of acute aspects of the gender problem and is most precisely expressed in specific sex types of activity considered by the society as acceptable for one sex and unacceptable for another. The purpose of the paper was to estimate the ideas of two-year students of both sexes of the faculty of physical culture on the level of sex-role socialization of both their and the opposite sexes. The result proves that most of the values are beyond the limits of optimal self-appraisal with mostly low self-appraisal, below the «average» level. Low self-appraisal itself is a bad index since it renders very negative influence on the people's social behavior, usually resulting in diffidence, shyness and lack of darings, inability of using their capacities. Thus the necessity of increasing the level of self-appraisal is hard to overestimate. Gender conflict is caused by the contradiction of standard ideas on personal features and specific features of male and female behavior and inability and unwillingness of personality to correspond to these ideas-requirements.By assessment of eligibility of selected sport for a certain sex sport is assumed to become a factor stabilizing the problem if not the crucial one. In another case sports classes considered as of little use can cause growth of mental tension and a sex-role conflict.