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Article Чувственный мир поэзии ёсано акико

The first poetic anthology by Japanese poetess Yosano Akiko (1878 1942) has been analyzed. The main theme of the work has been determined as the theme of the passion love developing altogether with the growth of talent. Also the main method of the author and some poetic themes ("white lily", "children of the sky" of the anthology have been studied.


Article Традиции литературы «женского потока» в поэзии ёсано акико

Having used traditional methods of the classic medieval poetry tanka and haiku, the Japanese poetess Yosano Akiko (1878 1942) made a great contribution into poems tanka of the twentieth century. The tankas written by Yosano Akiko are an extension of the so-called «female line», which represented by the names of Ono-no Komachi (834900), Sai-Syonagon (966 1017) and other great Japanese poets of the past.