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Article Половые различия темпераментальных свойств личности

In the article the problem of gender differences in the temperamental qualities of a personality are examined. The traits and characteristics of a temperament, its velocity aspects and adaptive qualities are analyzed in detail. The gender differences data about the temperament plasticity, the somatype bonds, the selfestimation of a personality and temperament, as well as about the influence of gender and temperament on the efficiency of a joint cognitive activity are given. The dependence of expression of personal opinion about others on temperamental qualities of man and woman is confirmed.


Article Корреляты половых различий эмоциональной сферы личности

Functions and meaning of emotions for men and women, frequency and strength of their display in everyday life are discovered on the basis of generalization of accumulative data of the study of sexual differences of an emotional sphere of a personality. Moreover, emotional modalities are examined with taking into account sexual differences. Appraisals of physical attractiveness of men and women are revealed, which determine effectiveness and depth of the processes of an intercourse.

Article Половые и гендерные различия руководителей в процессах принятия решения

The article is devoted to the study of individual and personal sexual and gender differences in a professionally important function of directors work-decisionmaking process. The terminology of definition «decision-making» is discussed. Existing aspects of the studying the process of decision-making in directors work are elucidated. Relations of different personal determinants (age, education, social and emotional stability, impulsivity, etc.) with the process of decision-making of mendirectors and women-directors are analyzed. Individually typological peculiarities, which influence on the decision-making process in different circumstances and on the choice of the type of decision of men- and women-directors. Received material shows that the process of decision-making of men and women (directors) are mediated by different personal determinants.